The website has 2 functions

First, you can make online appointments to have your curls cut And secondly, there are various Curly Girl proof hair products for sale Appointments can be booked for Wolphaartsdijk and Ghent, Belgium. In the hair salon we work according to the Curly Girl method, which means that we work with products that are free from sulfates, mineral oils, parabens and silicones.

There is a lot of choice when it comes to CG products, which is why we have made a selection of brands that fit well with our treatment plan


Patricia Adriaans

                 Cut and Style

I am passionate when it comes to cutting ladies and gentlemen with a beautiful bunch of curls. “My hair is lifeless and fluffy and doesn’t know what to do with it” These are common words from customers. I work with different cutting techniques, which I tailor to your hair wishes, hair quality and hair thickness. The techniques are Global curls, Rezo and Diva cut. Suitable for men, women and children.  


By nature is a curl  a bundle of hairs that sit together. We look up these bundles and cut the bundle in so that the hair has more space to curl up naturally. This way we also get more out of the fluff.  


Good care is important to maintain or improve the condition of your hair. That is why advice is given with regard to the right care and styling products to create and maintain the most beautiful bunch of curls